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Mountain Ridge


Your Dedicated Accounting Team

Bookkeeping - Tax Preparation - Tax Savings - Advisory

All in one place!

What We Offer

Bookkeeping - Tax Filings - Tax Savings - Advisory

One on On Support

You'll get a financial expert CFO on your team watching over your business, providing finance recommendations and reports. We'll be there to support you including acting as a sounding board when you need us.

Tax Services with Benefits

Paying Taxes Sucks! We make it suck less! Know that your filings are on time, includes all available deductions and the right amount of taxable income. We can also provide you with a detailed plan to pay the least amount of tax as possible.

Financial Clarity

With our cutting edge Profit Growth programs, you will see how you can improve your profitability like pricing strategies and cash flow management techniques. We'll also help you with your financial goals like retirement and vision planning.

How it Works

No more "I had trouble reaching my accountant again"


First, we get to understand your company, size, transactions, goals and your wants from your accountant. We do this through a series of questions that we'll schedule with you via an online call. Then we'll present you with a solution designed to meet your needs all within an affordable plan.


Next, we gather information that we'll need to prepare your books and streamline this process to make it as easy and non-intrusive to you as possible. Then, we get started by preparing your books, including getting you caught up, if needed.


Your dedicated CPA will review your accounting and provide you with usable financial reports and work with you on a plan to save money on taxes. At the required dates, your CPA will also oversee and work to complete your tax filings.


We'll meet periodically via online meetings to review your numbers and goals with you, including tax saving strategies that can be implemented well before year end to save on taxes. Also, throughout the year you'll have have unlimited access to ask us questions. 


Tom G.

"My profit & loss sheets as well as all accounting needs are always taken care of and are beyond perfect. Advantage Accounting Group I refer to all my friends and family." 

Susan M.

"Thank you so much for all your work and understanding not to mention making me comfortable and putting my mind at ease. I am so appreciative for all you have done !"

Rich V.

"Having a busy schedule, I am grateful for the reminders I get from David of upcoming filing deadlines as well."


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